Putin addressed Americans in the trailer for «Black mirror»

In the trailer for the fourth season of the TV series «Black mirror» the President of Russia Vladimir Putin had «addressed» to the American people. The video is posted on the Netflix streaming channel on YouTube.

The trailer contains snippets from the show, and footage of actual events. In the video mentions the various achievements of robotics, rallies of opponents of President of the United States Donald trump marches of nationalists in Charlottesville and the phenomenon of «fake news». The video is accompanied by hit Swedish band ABBA Happy New Year.

In addition, the movie from Netflix contains «appeal» of the Russian leader to U.S. citizens.

«Dear citizens of America. Dear friends, the future is brighter than ever,» says the voice of Putin speaker. It is clear that the Russian President says another word.

The fourth season of the TV series «Black mirror» on the influence of modern technology on life goes on 29 December, it will have six episodes. Each of them, as in previous seasons, is a separate complete story with a new set of actors.