Russia lifts restrictions on import of tea from Sri Lanka

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Russia from December 30, removes restrictions on import of tea from Sri Lanka under the guarantee of the security of this country.

Rosselkhoznadzor from December 18 to restrict the import of all plant products from Sri Lanka due to identified tea party threat of quarantine for Russia object koprovogo beetle. As noted by the Agency, the loss in case of introduction into the territory of Russia, and this is a particularly dangerous pest could amount to tens of billions of rubles.

During the meeting, 25 Dec, the parties came to the agreement that all containers going to Russia will be subject to disinfection, and all the tea party is to undergo laboratory control on the absence of quarantine for Russia organisms.

Herewith, the Rosselkhoznadzor will carry out enhanced laboratory control of all incoming consignments of plant products from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka — the birthplace of Ceylon tea. The island produces about 10% of all tea in the world. In Sri Lanka in 2016 accounted for about 30% of total import of tea in Russia and about 25% of its consumption in the country.