Santas-climbers descended from the roofs of hospitals to congratulate the children

Dozens of industrial climbers performed the role of Santa clauses descended from the roofs of the two children’s hospitals, to congratulate the young patients. The event was organized by group of companies «Tashir».

In such an unusual way congratulated the patients of the Morozov children’s city clinical hospital on Thursday at Children’s city clinical hospital of a name of St. Vladimir on Friday. Climbers in the costumes of Christmas wizards descended from the rooftops with gifts for children who for health reasons will not be able to celebrate the holiday with family.

«When I saw them, I immediately became happy,» said one of the young patients.

«On the roof was a lot of Santa clauses. Then they began to descend on ropes. The kids really enjoyed it. Then came to our house and gave the gifts, congratulated children on the holiday. Of course, I have a child believes in Santa Claus. She was very happy to ask for his gift,» said Victoria, the mother of one of the girls undergoing treatment at the Morozov hospital.

According to the doctor hospital, head of the Department of ophthalmology and eye microsurgery Leonid Kononov, the event was received with delight not only children, but also the clinic staff. «A sense of celebration and magic in children, even adults,» he said.

Industrial climbers were also happy to give children a Christmas mood. «One boy in particular I was surprised. He’s probably not used to hair like girls to see. It should be, probably, a whole minute! Couldn’t wave, nothing. Almost there the mouth has not opened. It was funny,» — said one of the «snow maidens» Marina Andrusenko.

A year ago, the company has already organized a similar event in the same Morozov hospital. She also built a new modern nine-storey building of the clinic.

«Tashir» group of companies — a diversified group of companies the Federal level, founded in 1999 and unites more than 200 companies in various sectors of the Russian economy. The main directions of its activities — development and management of commercial real estate, the «Tashir» covers 25 cities of Russia and abroad.

For many years, «Tashir» invests in social projects in Russia and abroad, for example, supporting youth sports and Olympians, implements programs in the field of education. Among the charitable projects of the company — helping the children suffering from leukemia, the restoration of the Kronstadt naval Cathedral and the Church in the Kaluga region.