The residents of the house at Ekaterinburg, where the gas exploded, came back to the apartment

© Photo : GUMCHS on Sverdlovsk area Explosion of the gas in the Sadovyi village near Yekaterinburg. 28 Dec 2017The residents of the house at Ekaterinburg, where the gas exploded, came back to the apartment© Photo : GUMCHS on Sverdlovsk area

Residents in the suburbs of Yekaterinburg, where there was an explosion of household gas, returned to their apartments, reports on Saturday of EMERCOM in the Sverdlovsk region.

Thursday in the village Garden, one of the Northern suburbs of Yekaterinburg, at street Mile, 2 in the apartment, located on the last floor of the house exploded household gas. One man suffered burns, he was hospitalized. From the premises evacuated about 40 residents. The resulting fire was extinguished by arriving firefighters. In fact PE initiated a criminal case under article «intentional damage of property». When viewed from the outer panel of the house found a crack.

«Twenty-five residents of the building in the Sadovyi village, near Yekaterinburg, where on 28 December there was a gas explosion and fire, last night returned to their apartments. After the examination of the structures of the house, conducted by experts of specialized organizations, it was found that the risk for the population of cracks are not present. Electricity and heat in the stairwell, where was an emergency, or rehabilitated by the management company. In the near future will be repaired to eliminate cracks,» — said the Agency.

Previously, the Department, citing experts fire test laboratory confirmed that the cause of the fire in this apartment was the gas explosion. In turn Ekaterinburggaz said that the gas explosion was not, because, according to the organization, the fire ignition was in the room, not the kitchen, which includes gas hob, spigot which was disabled and which was not damaged in the emergency, and in-house pipeline.