Chechnya is hoped that in six months will be able to return found in Iraq Russians

© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in fotobanka the meeting of Russian children and women returned from Iraq, at the airport of Grozny. Archival photoChechnya is hoped that in six months will be able to return found in Iraq Russians© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral the image Bank

Chechen authorities hope that within six months will be able to return from Iraq to their homes of all found women with children were forcibly taken away by men controlled by the militants of the IG* territory and abandoned there to the mercy of fate after the death of heads of families.

Previously a member of the Federation Council, the representative of the head of Chechnya in the Middle East and North Africa Ziad Sabsabi, told reporters that the prison for women in Baghdad contains 69 women and more than a hundred children from Russia. When they manage to return home is unknown. The Senator said that over time the return procedure from the territory of Iraq of Russians who visited IG* complicated: all are in prison of Russian women, starting from 14 years are charged under two articles of the Iraqi legislation — terrorism and illegal crossing of the state border of Iraq.

«Lawyers hired on behalf of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov to protect the interests in the Baghdad prison of Russian women with children trying to get them charged under the most serious article — «terrorism», proving that they did not commit the alleged crime. I am optimistic and hope that within three to six months, the last citizen of our country will leave Iraq,» said Sabsabi RIA Novosti.

The Senator is confident in the innocence of these women to terrorist activities. «I am confident of their innocence on the main charges – terrorism. They all have three or four children they bore and raised children,» — said the Senator.

He noted that according to Iraqi law for the charge of illegal crossing of the state border also provides a significant term of imprisonment — from 5 to 20 years. «We are looking for a legal way out of this situation to bring their children home as soon as possible», — said Sabsabi.

According to him, the procedure for the return of Russian women from Iraq have been worsened by the fact that the case submitted to the court, during the investigation phase, it was easier.

The Senator believes that women found themselves in a difficult life situation, against their will.

«We can’t go accusing these women of anything, only the court of the Iraqi or Russian may determine the extent of their guilt. Many of them are unable to leave children, some of whom are infants, wished to leave them next to the court,» said Sabsabi.

He stressed that if the woman returned to Russia, so the Iraqi court acquitted her of the charges of terrorism and other crimes committed on the territory of their country.

«If one of the prisoners of Russian women will be accused of terrorism, Iraq will not bring her back. If we return them, it says that the Iraqi judiciary dismissed the charges,» explained the Senator.

Misleading figures

Sabsabi noted that the Russian defenders give different figures about the number of people in Iraq and Syria, women and children.

«I hear different opinions, including from human rights activists that there are thousands of children, how do you get these numbers, don’t know they’re false,» said the Senator. He stressed that today with the return of Russian women and children from the Middle East is engaged only in one group, created on the initiative of Ramzan Kadyrov, and with the support of President Vladimir Putin.

«The list of Russians, located in the Baghdad prison, I personally handed to the chief Advisor of the Russian Embassy in Iraq Istomova Alexander Alexandrovich. Data on women who had not reached the prison, neither I, nor others,» said Sabsabi. He says that in the prison of Baghdad, along with the Russians see the citizen 38.

Syrian group

Sabsabi said that the working group focused on returning home, found in Syria Russian women with children.

«The list has been made after the New year, in early January, we will declare. I think after January 10, when will start working days, we will begin the return of the group from Syria. Let’s start to fight to solve problems,» said Sabsabi.

To date, about 100 women and children returned home from Iraq and Syria with the assistance of the Chechen authorities. It is the people of Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Bashkortostan, Tver, Nizhnevartovsk, as well as citizens of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

The process of returning women and children from Iraq and Syria began after the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in early August, published in Instagram video shot by RT correspondents in an orphanage in Baghdad and telling of Russian children whose parents have joined the terrorist group ISIS*, took them out of the country, and then abandoned after the liberation of the Iraqi Mosul. Kadyrov expressed the hope that the families of these children recognize them and write to a special address.

* Banned in Russia as a terrorist organization