Fifteen-year-old daughter, Kadyrov took to the practical shooting Federation

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotobanka of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Archival photoFifteen-year-old daughter, Kadyrov took to the practical shooting Federation© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

Fifteen years Earlier, Kadyrov took to the practical shooting Federation of Russia (FPSR), the daughter of Ramzan Kadyrov was the first girl registered in this organization, the assistant to the head of Chechnya at the power block Daniel Martynov.

Daughter’s hobby, which Kadyrov said in September, posting Instagram videos of her workouts in the dash with an experienced instructor, the head of Chechnya encourages and believes that «every girl needs to be able to own a gun».

«You are a registered shooter in the Federation of practical shooting of Russia, you’re the first girl is a professional gunslinger who is registered with us,» said Martynov, Director and handing the permit. The corresponding video posted on his page in the social network Mylistori Ramzan Kadyrov. Martynov handed her a set of modern equipment for practical shooting, noting the talent of the girls in this sport.

The head of Chechnya wrote that the Director «has successfully passed the initial course of possession of short-barreled rifled sporting guns».

«Stay on it is not going to. The Director has expressed a desire to continue the learning at a new level and into the practical shooting Federation of Russia. Given the excellent skills and talent girls guide FPSR decided to take her to the candidates to the members of the organization», — Kadyrov wrote. He congratulated daughter with sporting success and added that now she has a private sports weapons to be stored at the gun club and be given during class.

Earlier, enjoys choreography, music, sings nasheeds (Muslim songs), memorized Quran, mastering several foreign languages.

According to information on the website of FPSR, the Federation includes 77 regional offices and public organizations in the country practical shooting more than 30 thousand people, of which more than 10 thousand members of FPSR. In practical shooting arrows, hit multiple types of targets at speed, moving the platform between a firing position with the safety regulations.