In the DRC off the Internet and SMS before opposition rallies

© Fotolia / kantverСмартфон. Archival photoIn the DRC off the Internet and SMS before opposition rallies© Fotolia / kantver

The authorities of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) for reasons of «national security» ordered to disable Internet and block the sending of SMS messages in anticipation of anti-government demonstrations in the country, according to the portal’ACTUALITE.CD.

According to media reports, on Sunday in major cities of the DRC will be held processions in which the participants want to urge the country’s President abandon changes to the Constitution to seek a third term. Among the protestors ‘ demands the release of political prisoners.

«For reasons of safety and in accordance with article 46 of the law… on telecommunications in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 18 o’clock Saturday 30 December 2017 and until further notice required to terminate the provision of the following services: SMS, Internet», — quotes the portal of the statement of the Minister of communications of the country Okundi emery.

According to the statement, the decision on the lifting of the ban will be adopted on 1 January.

The portal notes that the ban on Internet and SMS in the DRC introduced regularly in anticipation of the massive anti-government rallies. So, in 2015, the authorities introduced a similar ban on the demonstration of the opponents of the revision of the electoral law.