In the Federation Council commented on trump’s words about the success of the US in Syria

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photobacteria of the Federation Council. Archival photoIn the Federation Council commented on trump’s words about the success of the US in Syria© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

The statement of the President of the United States Donald trump that the liberation of Iraq and Syria terrorist group «Islamic state»* was a credit to the Pro-American coalition, not true, I am sure the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Frants Klintsevich.

«As we say in Russia, again, twenty-five. Apparently Donald trump wants to go down in history as the winner of the ISIS* in Syria and Iraq. Sorry to the White house that his little weakness, and will respond in the new year, to paraphrase the old Soviet joke. Donald trump will indeed go down in history as the President of the United States since the great victories of Russia in Syria,» — he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Earlier, the trump in his latest in 2017 weekly address to the nation said that the international coalition won almost 100% of the territory the militants of ISIS* in Syria and Iraq.


Statement of the American leader about the success of the Pro-American coalition in Syria have little to do with the facts, according to Senator Alexei Pushkov.

«This is a «post-truth» pseudoreal», — wrote Pushkov in Twitter.

The Senator pointed out that such rhetoric is necessary to achieve political goals. On the eve Pushkov wrote in social networks that the state Department has set itself the goal of «get rid of» in 2018 from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The Senator also pointed out that Russia will protect the Republic’s sovereignty, so the overthrow of Assad is a «mission impossible» (translated from English. — «mission impossible»).

The desire to assign someone else win

Washington, commenting on the results of the antiterrorist operation in Syria, wants to usurp the victory over the «Islamic state»*, said in an interview with RT Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa.

«Part of the US coalition to defeat ISIS* in Syria in General played a minimal role. We know that especially in recent years the Americans are the activities aimed at supporting the militants. They derive from besieged areas of the leaders of the IG*, trying to create in Syria foci for building new groups,» said Chepe.

According to the Deputy, now the US is trying to hide behind the rhetoric of victory over the militants, but actually in Syria, they were defeated. In his opinion, the main task of the Americans was the destruction of the government regime, and when the situation got out of control, they joined to defeat the «Islamic state»*, «which they themselves created».

On the eve of the representatives of the Syrian democratic forces provided RT recording the retreat of the militants «IG»* of Raqqa. According to experts, this video proves that US forces allowed the terrorists to freely go to safe areas where they can continue the war against government forces and their allies.

The defeat of the «Islamic state»

On the sixth of December, the General staff announced the full liberation of Syria from the terrorists of the «Islamic state». Thus in Department noted that all the major operations of the government troops was held with the participation of Russian military advisers.

In connection with the performance of the main task of Vladimir Putin December 11, ordered the withdrawal of troops from Syria. In the Republic there are two Russian military bases — aviation in Hamima and Navy in Tartus, as well as the center for reconciliation of the warring parties.

The military will provide Damascus with assistance in establishing peace and to assist in operations against remaining in Syria by radical groups.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.