Invader post offices in Kharkov, declared that doesn’t want to harm the hostages

© Ukrainska Pravda / Eugene Rudenkorudik law enforcement near the offices of «Ukrposhta» in Kharkov, Ukraine. 30 Dec 2017Invader post offices in Kharkov, declared that doesn’t want to harm the hostages© Ukrainska Pravda / Eugene Rudenko

Seized the post office in Kharkov Vladimir Earless told the court that he did not want to cause harm to people.

On Saturday afternoon in Kharkiv, the man seized the premises of «Ukrposhta». The police reported that the attacker could be explosives, which he threatened to blow up. The police opened a criminal case under article «hostage-taking», the maximum sanction on it provides for 15 years imprisonment. According to police, the hostages were up to 11 people. On Saturday evening, the security forces detained the man.

On Sunday, the court considers the question of the measure of restraint for him. The prosecution seeks the arrest without possibility of bail.

«I would like for the holidays to be home. I would ask the court to take me house arrest,» said Earless in court, which broadcasts Ukrainian television channel «NewsOne» on Sunday.

He also noted that after the seizure of the building of «Ukrposhta» immediately «dismissed the children, grandmothers mothers».

«I didn’t want to take them hostage at all… Cause some harm to people I didn’t mean — neither moral nor physical,» he said, adding that it is not resisted, when one of the hostages attacked him.

At this point the court retired to the deliberation room to determine the measure.

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