Most Americans called 2017 restless, the survey showed

© AP Photo/Andres KudackiЕлка in Rockefeller center, new York . Archival photoMost Americans called 2017 restless, the survey showed© AP Photo/Andres Kudacki

Slightly more than half of US citizens (52%) believe that the outgoing year was «a concern», according to a survey conducted by the publication Axios and the company Survey Monkey.

Second place in the ranking of the descriptions of the year is the definition of «chaotic» – so 2017 called 41% of respondents. Every fifth Respondent (23%) said that the year was «tedious», as many (22%) called it «hell». The last definition from the list most often chose the Democrats. While the Republicans, according to the survey, more intimate was the definition of «wonderful» (28%).

In January 2017 to power in the US was elected last November, Republican Donald trump. In the election he defeated rival Democrat Hillary Clinton.