Scientists have found a quick way to lose weight without exercise

© Fotolia / KwanchaichaiudomМальчик with excess weight. Archival photoScientists have found a quick way to lose weight without exercise© Fotolia / Kwanchaichaiudom

Scientists from Nanyang technological University in Singapore have developed a way to lose up to 30% by weight. The study is published in the journal Small Methods.

Experts have created a special patch with numerous needles, each thinner than a human hair. In this needle contains a drug that turns energy saving white fat into brown energetikami.

The researchers believe that their invention will help reduce the necessary for weight loss amount of the drug, since the patch it takes less.

«Our goal is to create unobtrusive and inexpensive patch that everyone can easily use,» said Professor Peng Chen.

The test of the invention on mice have shown that the white fat turned into brown on the fifth day of wearing the patch. The animals lost weight, and they decreased the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Earlier it became known about the negative impact of obesity on stem cells that produce blood.