The British had stopped the burglar, substituting him down

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In the British city of Hartford Christmas eve the passerby helped catch the robber, stopping his bandwagon. This is evidenced by a video published on the YouTube channel of the police in Hertfordshire.

On the evening of 24 December, the police came the message that a group of men threatened the guards of one of the establishments in the city centre. Soon militiamen have stopped the suspicious car, one of the passengers tried to escape, the chase began. On a street passerby tripped the attacker bandwagon, thanks to the police managed to grab him.

The suspect was a 23-year-old Aaron Cadman, who is accused of possession of cocaine, robbery, attacks on the police and antisocial behaviour.

Now law enforcement officers looking for a woman to thank her for her help. In this regard, YouTube has a formal appeal to the unknown with a request to respond.