The Russian economy has moved towards development, consider in the Federation Council

© Fotolia / Creativa Maderos economy. Archival photoThe Russian economy has moved towards development, consider in the Federation Council© Fotolia / Creativa Images

From the recovery in 2015-2016, the Russian economy moved to development, these results should be fixed with new technologies, including in the framework of the digitalization of economic processes, said RIA Novosti on Sunday, the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Valery Vasiliev.

«In the past year has significantly changed the main trend of legislative activity concerning the development of the economy. In 2015-2016 we were forced to respond to global economic challenges, sanctions the persecution of Russia, amend the legislation so that our economy could realize the huge challenge of import substitution. And this work is our contribution to overcoming the recession», — said the Senator.

He stressed that today the efforts are directed to the country’s economy could develop as rapidly as possible to success was not only fixed, but also multiplied.

«Paramount will be playing the new technological reality. So when our Committee began the work of the expert Council for the establishment of a legal framework of digitalization of economy», — said Vasilyev.

According to him, the new digital economy – key, but not the only priority. For its development it is necessary to create new opportunities, advanced from a technological point of view, the infrastructure in all regions of the country which today is extremely difficult.

«For each of us it was clearly, therefore, the efforts of the Council of the Federation in 2017, was intended to legislatively underpin the forthcoming major reforms of regional development of Russia, to improve the state regional policy», — said Vasilyev.

Now in this direction are only the first steps aimed at giving the regions subsidies for gratuitous and irrevocable basis, without establishing areas of use, and legislated the so-called new fiscal rule, the implementation of which should contribute to financial recovery and alignment regions, and therefore they are fundamentally important for residents and targets of the country, explained the legislator.

«I hope that the regions will be able to maximize the rational use of additional subsidies that have been provided in the budget of 2018 due to the principle of «model budget» and the field will improve the real economy, to build roads,» — said the MP.

He noted that the Federation Council has done everything possible to to legislate for the regions benefit tax for movable property of organizations, due to which more than half falls in the regard of the proceeds will remain in the regional budgets.

«Unfortunately, the economy of the country many unresolved issues that it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to solve by only improving sectoral legislation. So, in my opinion, many issues will require additional coordination with various ministries and departments, but since the Federation Council is, in this direction the experience, I believe we will be able to address these issues comprehensively,» — said Vasilyev.

«To describe the plans for 2018 in one sentence, then I am sure that together, we (representatives of the Executive and the legislature) will be able to realize the most ambitious plans for the restoration of the Russian economy», — concluded the Senator.