Trump called the annual growth of the U.S. stock exchanges credit

© AP Photo / Manuel Balce CenetaПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump called the annual growth of the U.S. stock exchanges credit© AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta

The President of the United States Donald trump summed up on Sunday, the end of the year on U.S. exchanges, calling the growth in the index of his merit.

«If I were elected as Democrats (Hillary is untrustworthy), your shares would be reduced by 50% compared with the exchange rate on the day of the election. And now they have a great future — and it’s only the beginning!» — trump wrote in his Twitter.

According to him, these and other achievements it is worth considering the voters in the midterm elections of 2018. «Why would intelligent voters would support Democrats in congressional elections in 2018, when they (Democrats — ed.) politics will completely kill the huge wealth created in the months after (previous — ed.) the election,» trump added. Among his accomplishments he listed the fight against banned terrorist group «Islamic state», taking care of veterans, appointment of judges-conservatives, «strong borders,» protection guaranteeing the right to bear arms the Second amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and tax cuts.

Trump was elected President in November 2016, defeating the rival Democrat Hillary Clinton, came to power in January 2017. US stocks increased significantly in 2017. So, the S&P 500 index grew more than 19%, the Dow Jones industrial — 25%, NASDAQ Composite — by 28%.

In 2017, the U.S. economy was recovering after a long period of slow growth, showing growth of 3.1% in annual terms in the second quarter and by 3.3% in the third quarter. Economic growth has not affected the numerous scandals in politics and the failure of Congress in attempts to reform health care. The business in USA is well passed the tax reform undertaken by Congress in cooperation with the administration of the trump. A new tax law temporarily reduced the income tax for most individuals and at the same time dramatically reduced the tax on corporate profits from 35% to 21%. Trump hopes that this will lead to a further acceleration of economic growth.