The UK has established the cause of the explosion in the five story building in Omsk

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Persperate in foobarcontroller MOE in place of a gas explosion in a residential building on 5th Corden street in Omsk. 12 January 2018The UK has established the cause of the explosion in the five story building in Omsk© RIA Novosti / Ilya Persperate the image Bank

The cause of the explosion and fire in a five-storey house in Omsk was recently purchased at gas stations and five-liter gas cylinder, according to the regional Directorate of the Investigative Committee.

The explosion in the apartment building on 5th street Cord occurred overnight. Eight people were injured, six of them, including four children, suffered burns and are in intensive care in serious condition. Criminal case is brought.

«According to the basic version of the investigation, the father of the family, intending to go fishing, made at a gas station and brought home a gas cylinder, which after some time began to pull the gas and subsequently ignited,» — said in the message. The investigators found a gas station, there are searched and the documents seized.

On a scene the investigation team conducts an additional inspection of the apartment. Investigators seized a gas stove, broken bottle, other items on which the appointed fire-technical examination to establish the exact reasons of ignition. Continue questioning witnesses and witnesses.

In SC added that the apartment destroyed two load-bearing walls and broken Windows, and also spoke about the condition of the victims — there lived a family of six people. Eight-year-old boy and his seven brothers and sister (triplets), their 30-year-old father and 32-year-old mother suffered burns of second or third degree.

«The damage also got two neighbors – one man caused the cuts, the other broke his leg jumping out the window. The victims were hospitalized. The status of family members is estimated by doctors as serious but stable, one of the children 70% body burns, the rest is about 50%. To establish the severity of harm to health of victims is appointed is judicial-medical examination», — stated in the message.

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