Edited in Paint: family photo session impressed the users on the Network

CC0 / Hans / Samaravodokanal on a tripod. Archival photoEdited in Paint: family photo session impressed the users on the NetworkCC0 / Hans / Camera

A couple from the us state of Missouri has published the result of a failed photo shoot, which for family had a hired photographer. Entry on Facebook has gained viral popularity, gaining over 300 thousand posts, attracted the attention of the media.

«This is not a joke. We paid photographer, who claimed to be a Pro, $ 250 for a family photo shoot. Look what she sent us. She said that the person fell the shadow of ugly, despite the beautiful Sunny day, so she decided to retouch them,» wrote the mother of the family pam Sharing, noting that the photos had been her only laughter.

Many Internet users have tried tried to find a positive side to the incident.

«She had to work hard to make you so ugly… at least she’s good this happened,» writes Elizabeth Smith.

«You become a champion of the Internet for at least a month. Can’t stop laughing. By the way, your skin looks great,» says Emily Kopcial.

Sharing urged commentators to refrain from sarcastic remarks, noting that the positive emotions induced by the pictures was well worth they money.