Finance Minister said that the need to receive IMF tranche

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Ukraine to receive the next tranche of the IMF need to make difficult reforms, and their adoption can not be tightened, says the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Alexander danyluk.

«What I had to do to get the next tranche, this is a difficult reform, it is because of this and there is a delay in time,» the Minister said in an interview with Ukrainian service «Voice of America» during a trip to the USA where he is now.

According to the Minister, for tranche Ukraine had to accept difficult reforms, such as establishing an anti-corruption court. According to him, this reform «should be correct», even if Kiev lost in time, and the same applies to other reforms, for example, the law on privatization.

«Better take a little more time to invest, so it was a quality bill that its base was privatized than now to hurry with the adoption of appropriate legislation, so you do not have confidence in this process. But, of course, cannot be deferred, that is, I’m not saying that we can still wait a month or two or three, it should move quickly enough,» said danyluk.

He recalled that the law on the anti-corruption court has already submitted to the Parliament and the law on privatization, too, is ready. «Other reforms they are now at the stage when they need to take and quick to make, and it will pave our way to the next tranche,» — said the Minister. Danyluk also reminded that Ukraine plans to re-enter the Eurobond market after the receipt of IMF tranche.

Four-year program, the IMF involves the allocation of Ukraine 17.5 billion dollars. In March 2015, was transferred the first tranche of $ 5 billion, in August of the same year the second tranche of 1.7 billion. In September 2016, the Fund transferred the third tranche in the amount of $ 1 billion. In 2017, Ukraine has received only one tranche of $ 1 billion. He entered in April, the second tranche of the country has not received because of missed reforms.

Finance Minister said that the need to receive IMF tranche© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podficcing in silks