In case of fire in Portugal killed at least eight people

© Fotolia / WellphotoПожарные work at the scene. Archival photoIn case of fire in Portugal killed at least eight people© Fotolia / Wellphoto

Victims of a fire in one of the entertainment centers of the city of Tondela, North of Portugal were eight people, and another several dozen injured, reports Euronews.

As the channel reports, the fire occurred late Saturday evening in the entertainment center of the city, where he held a card tournament.

«The fire occurred due to the explosion of furnace, then immediately began to panic. Many suffered serious injuries while attempting to leave the building. Dozens of people were injured, some in serious condition», — quotes the channel of the mayor Jose Antonio Gomez.

Un incendio en el interior de un establecimiento en Vila Nova da Rainha (Portugal), ha provocado una avalancha dejando 8 muertos y 50 heridos. La localidad se encuentra al norte del país, y cuenta con apenas un millar de habitantes

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According to the representative of service of rescue Paulo Santos, in the time of the fire, the building was 70 people.

According to the TV station Tgcom24, according to preliminary data, the fire affected 50 people.

Incêndio em Portugal faz oito mortos

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