In Chile, said the lack of threats to the Pope during his visit

© AP Photo / Alessandra TarantinoПапа Roman Francis. Archival photoIn Chile, said the lack of threats to the Pope during his visit© AP Photo / Alessandra Tarantino

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Chile, said the lack of threats to Pope Francis during his upcoming visit to the country.

The Pontiff on Monday, January 15, begins his visit to Latin America. According to the official schedule of the visit, he will first visit Chile (15-18 Jan), and then will be in Peru until January 21. Before the visit of unknown people attacked several Catholic churches in protest against the visit of the Pontiff.

«Everything must be seen in proportion. We are talking about the events of the serious and disgusting, but let’s properly look at things. The danger Dad’s face should not», — said the interior Minister Mario Fernandez on radio Bio Bio.

The Minister said that the attackers used explosives, as previously reported and prepared in house conditions incendiary mixture. These people also left inscriptions, which contains criticism of the costs associated with the preparation of the papal visit.