In Moscow lit up the tour bus carrying schoolchildren

© Photo : AGN «Moscow»fire extinguishing in the engine compartment a custom bus with passengers at the Volgograd prospectus. January 14, 2018In Moscow lit up the tour bus carrying schoolchildren© Photo : AGN «Moscow»

In the South-East of Moscow caught fire carrying schoolchildren tour bus, reported RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the capital.

The incident occurred near the house of 187 on the Volgograd prospectus. The fire occurred in the engine compartment on the area of two square meters, it was quickly extinguished, said a spokesman.

The bus was carrying 18 students from Lytkarino. No one was hurt. Children sent to their destination — in «the Moscow manor of Grandfather Frost» — on their own. It is 600 metres from the place of incident. Back to kids going to the backup bus.