Not caved in. Why North Korea has survived under US pressure

© REUTERS / Wapella delegations of North and South Korea during a meeting in the border village of Panmunjom. January 9, 2018Not caved in. Why North Korea has survived under US pressure© REUTERS / Yonhap

On the border of North Korea and South Korea for the first time in two years through direct negotiations between the two countries. US President, Donald trump hastened to declare credit for that: «Sanctions worked». But to find a common language to Pyongyang and Seoul have managed, on the contrary, in spite of Washington.

Without intermediaries

«Sanctions and other measures of pressure are beginning to have increasing influence on North Korea,» wrote trump on Twitter on 2 January, immediately after the North Korean leader Kim Jong UN in his new year address expressed the readiness of the authorities to send North Korean athletes to the winter Olympics in nearby Pyeongchang.

Sanctions and other pressures are beginning to have a big impact on North Korea. Soldiers are dangerously fleeing to South Korea. Rocket man now wants to talk to South Korea for first time. Perhaps that is good news, perhaps not — we will see!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 2, 2018.

Actually held direct inter — Korean talks are a maneuver aimed against Washington, the President of the Center for strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov. The aggravation due to the North Korean missile and nuclear tests in the second half of 2017 is injected not only to North Korea but also the United States. Washington intensified pressure on Kim Jong-UN, forcing him to commit new provocations to prove their steadfastness. This growing pressure was involved neighbouring Japan and China, and the world community.

«As a result of unnecessary steps, fraught with the threat of war, the administration of the tramp created by the international community a sense that the war is really about to begin. This has formed a negative image of the trump, and Kim Jong-UN, right after noticing this trend, moved into the «peace offensive» by putting US in a bad light,» said the former Director of the Institute of South Korean enterprises Dream Gun.

Actually the policy of the White house was reduced to a final termination of the dialogue between the two Koreas, says Abzalov. And what Pyongyang with Seoul found the strength alone to renew it, in fact, brought all efforts of the American administration on there, showed their inefficiency.

«South Korea held talks directly, without intermediaries, without the involvement of the United States. Seoul made an independent player, and it was absolutely justified, as in the case of a nuclear conflict, South Korea would suffer slightly less, than the North. And Washington almost turned away, and Trump only remains now, to welcome the resumption of inter-Korean dialogue», — says Dmitry Abzalov.

«Everywhere there are a variety of prohibitions, and the people are open, sincere, very friendly. At the same time, they know almost nothing about the world. For example, about America, local television said, only when there are any hurricanes or floods. There are no hungry, standing along the roads, no beggars begging, but no shops. In fact the only thing I managed to get on the shelves there was almost nothing but primitive linen and some canned food», — says Mikhail Kozhukhov.

No shops, but there are markets where you can buy almost everything — any food, clothes from China. In the center of Pyongyang is full of expensive currency restaurants, which parked «Mercedes» and «Lexus». Sitting in restaurants Koreans in the tunics with party badges and pay in dollars.

«I sunk into the soul of the words heard from one woman — the saleswoman from a booth in a hotel for foreigners, trading in works of Kim Il sung and Kim Jong Il. I asked her: did she believe that this product will be sold here and in the future — always?— Do you believe that we are, how we think about the world?— she asked another question,» says the traveler.
Broken destiny

Since 1953, hundreds of thousands of close relatives living on the Korean Peninsula at different sides of the border. Only in South Korea, there were 131 260, today more than half of them have already passed away. And the rest are still deprived of the opportunity not only to see their families, but also to communicate with them by phone, the Internet, exchanging emails.

Since the 1980-ies, there are regular meetings for relatives — with interruptions caused by the deterioration of relations between the two countries. Dating Kamasinski occur in the mountains, in the towns in the border area. In South Korea, the participants are selected by lottery, and those lucky enough, at best a few hundred.

In October of 2015 with the South Korean side of the profit of 389 elderly, many in wheelchairs. Vosmidesyatitonnye Lee OK Yong saw his 88-year-old husband after 65 years. Lee Jong Suk half a century held a memorial service for his father, and suddenly found out that he was alive and saw him. Dienststelle Gyu Kim, We met with his 83-year-old brother of Kim, We Don.

The meeting lasted three days. More dates have not yet been.

Will the meeting?

Is it going to be this time — is unknown. The North Korean side has not yet responded to the offer. According to one source, Pyongyang put forward a condition — the results of the DPRK 15 women who worked in the restaurants of China and asked for asylum in South Korea. It is clear that Seoul can dare to do. South Korean sources also claim that there may be organizational and economic problems.

«The meeting of the separated families before the lunar New year is problematic due to the lack of time to prepare. But if they agreed to all the conditions, then nothing is impossible», — said the Sleep GUIN.

He explained that the DPRK will need to select candidates, to hold them preliminary training, to eliminate potential threats. All this requires considerable cost and Pyongyang in any case would require money from the South. If South Korea will afford such a budget, everything can happen.

The likelihood that Pyongyang just a few days ago, accusing Seoul of all mortal sins, all of a sudden will take the proposal to the meeting of separated families, a small, says the South Korean Director of the Center for strategic information on North Korea If Jungol. The issue of separated families concerned mainly South Korea. Kim Jong-UN compared to their predecessors, less prone to national feelings, and for objective reasons the North will not be easy to do, he said.

«North Korea after the Olympics are more likely to focus not on the meetings of separated families, and economic cooperation — particularly with Russia and other countries by rail and energy projects,» said Lee Ungol.