«The earth just melted». In Bali a concert of the group «Leningrad»

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in fotomancer music band Leningrad Sergei Shnurov. Archival photo«The earth just melted». In Bali a concert of the group «Leningrad»© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

In the evening on the island of Bali a concert of the group «Leningrad», celebrated on the eve of his twenty-first birthday.

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A kind of «Russian seasons» is not uncommon in Bali. For several years, here come the Russian stars of show business. This time the island was visited by group «Leningrad».


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Entrance to the concert of the band was absolutely free, and therefore on the Indonesian island gathered a huge number of the people willing to hear Sergei Shnurov. How to write users of Instagram, some of the spectators climbed on the fence to better see the performance. «If you faint, even no one will notice, just trample», — stated in the message of one of the visitors. «But if without jokes, cool, fun, level,» adds the commentator.

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As users of social networks write, the concert was a great success – the earth just «melted». «Cord did today,» wrote one of the visitors of the show.

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Weather conditions could not spoil the music lovers in the mood. The concert started at thirty-degree heat, on change which came in the pouring rain. However, some felt that salvation – in social networks write that on the island the day of the concert there was no breeze. «It was incredibly hot and the second part saved the life-giving rain,» reads one of the posts in Instagram.

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Despite the vagaries of the weather, fans of the group «Leningrad» sang and danced to well-known Russian songs thousands of miles from home. «Cords, thanks for the energy and a piece of Russian soul in the overseas territories!!!», — with gratitude I write the audience. At the end of the show visitors were pleased with colorful fireworks.

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