The French President was the author of the erotic novel

© AP Photo / Christophe Aapresident of France Emmanuel Makron with his wife Brigitte macronThe French President was the author of the erotic novel© AP Photo / Christophe Ena

The President of France Emmanuel macron at the age of 16 wrote an erotic novel on the beginning of a relationship with his 40-year-old teacher, the future first lady Brigitte Tronie. This writes the magazine Closer on the eve of the release of the biography of the wife of the head of state.

In the book, according to the publication, quoted a neighbor of the Macron, which in 1993 earned sets of texts. «One day he asked me to print 300 pages of the book he just wrote. It was a bold novel, spicy! The names, of course, was fictional, but I think he wanted to Express what I felt at that time», — said in a biography.

Macron met his future wife Brigitte Tronie when I was in high school, she taught him French. The couple formalized the relationship in 2007. The age difference between spouses is 24 years.

Biography of the first lady will hit stores on January 17.