Catherine Deneuve said position on the issue of sexual harassment

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The famous French actress Catherine Deneuve, signed an open letter against the wave of «hatred of men», said he did not consider harassment something good.

About it she wrote in a letter to the newspaper Liberation.

Earlier, a group of 100 women, including French actress Catherine Deneuve, German actress Ingrid kaven French writer Catherine millet, in an open letter published by the French newspaper Monde, spoke out against the wave of «hatred of men», which arose after the publication in the West materials about harassment.

«I actually signed a petition in the newspaper Monde, entitled «We are defending freedom.» The petition, which has generated a lot of reactions that deserves clarification,» starts the appeal Deneuve.

The actress condemned the emergence of the # hashtag «Balance ton porc» («Give us your libertine»), which accompanies the stories of victims of harassment. Speaking about the harassment, she notes that «far more men than women prone to such behavior», but calls to refrain from insults on both sides.

«This hashtag, whether it is a call to slander? Is it possible to be sure that there is no manipulation? Will not be any suicides of innocent people? We have to live together, without the «Libertines» and «lousy,» writes deneve.

Film star said that, though, and signed this open letter, she could not accept the behavior of some other signatories, distorting the original text.

«When we sign a Manifesto that affect other people, we hold, avoid own verbal incontinence… Nothing in that text suggests that the harassment is good, otherwise I would have not signed it,» — emphasizes Deneuve.

Recently broke a lot of scandals involving rape or sexual harassment, in the midst of which are well-known figures from politics, show business and film industry. Earlier in October, was dismissed from all his posts one of the most influential U.S. film producers Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of assaulting dozens of women, including actress Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Catherine Deneuve said position on the issue of sexual harassment© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podwyzki Some like it hot