«Daughter» RZD plans to extend the ticket sales in 2018

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in fotosensasi a second-class carriage. Archival photo«Daughter» RZD plans to extend the ticket sales in 2018© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

«Federal passenger company» (FPC, «daughter» of Russian Railways on the transportations of passengers in distant following) in 2018 plans to increase the depth of sales of tickets to a number of trains up to 120 days before departure, said at the meeting with journalists the General Director of the company Peter Ivanov.

Russian Railways sold the tickets 45 days before departure. From December 2016, the company increased the sales of tickets to 60, with a December 2017 — up to 90 days. Russian Railways has announced plans to open sales and 120 days.

«Now we on it (depth of sales for 120 days – ed.) work and the number of trains planned to be done in 2018. With a depth of sales for the 120 days we have to be sure that the schedule will not change due to technological Windows, repair roads and other engineering works that go into infrastructure», – said the head of the FPC.

According to him, the depth of sales of tickets will be increased, mainly on those trains whose schedule has not changed over the years.

«For example, «Red arrow». She goes 85 years at the same time» — gave the example of Ivanov.