«Dislike» Zvyagintsev was included in the competition program film festival in Norway

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in Photobacterium Andrey Zvyagintsev presented the film Dislike. Archival photo«Dislike» Zvyagintsev was included in the competition program film festival in Norway© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

The picture of Russian Director Andrei Zvyagintsev’s «Dislike» along with 11 other works from different countries entered the contest program of the festival is the largest of Norway’s TIFF, which opened on Monday in the Arctic Tromso, reported on the website of the festival.

International film festival TIFF is the largest festival of feature and documentary films in Norway, held since 1991. The program of the festival in 2018 includes about 100 feature, documentary and animated films of filmmakers from dozens of countries.

Almost every year in the competition program of the festival declared the work of the Russian Directors, and Zvyagintsev involved in the contest TIFF is not the first time Norwegian audience saw the premiere of «Leviathan», «Helena» and some other works of the Director.

According to the organizers, Russian films are very popular among the Norwegian audience at the festival. Here do not hide that the Russian cinema is part of the history of the festival, the concept for its development. One of its missions, the festival considers the mediation between the West and the East.

The competition program of the festival, in addition to «Dislike» this year includes 11 films from different countries, including German film «Austerlitz», the Franco-Chinese film «Angels wear white,» American «ex Libris: the American public library» Serbo-Croatian «On the other side», the Spanish «Summer 1993» and others. In the competition program the audience will also see Russian films – «Head. Two ears» Vitaly Suslin, debut film by the teachers of Yakutia Dmitry Davydov «Fire in the wind», work in Murmansk documentary «the Road to the Arctic».

The festival is attended annually by more than 60 thousand people – more than the population of the city where it is held.