Experts assign to the stabilization of bitcoin prices from two weeks to a year

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Bitcoin at auction since the beginning of 2018 shows extreme volatility. RIA Novosti interviewed experts were divided in opinion, when the price of the popular crypto currencies will be able to stabilize. A number of them believes that the price of bitcoin will be able to get out of the volatile stage in two weeks, others expect such dynamics in six months or even a year.

From the beginning of 2018, the cost of traditional bitcoin (BTC) has grown, according to the website CoinMarketCap, to 2.64%, according to the stock exchange Bitfinex — on 3,02%. In the first two weeks of trading, the price of the cryptocurrency rose 0,03-at 11.59% and a fall by 3.23-10,94%.

While the cryptocurrency is in a consolidation phase, recovering from a sharp rally in 2017.

Heavy consolidation

Experts believe that the current volatility of the bitcoin is associated with the consolidation: cryptocurrency trying to «find their level» after a sharp rally in 2017. However, market news prevent this consolidation.

Founder and CEO Edward Fundery Lunch, I remembered saying with the stock market. «The stock market they say, if grandma buys a stock, it’s time for me to sell. Grandmother started to buy bitcoin before the New year. And we see that the principle works. But it is just an outward sign of an overbought market,» he said.

According to experts, at present, there are many factors that hinder the growth of value of bitcoin. Among them he highlighted the tightening of a number of States in relation to private cryptocurrencies, for example, South Korea, and the efforts of banks and governments over the establishment of a national cryptocurrency that can «weaken the interest in bitcoin». Besides Lunch, I remembered about the plans of the companies Kodak and Telegram to create its own cryptocurrency.

«Whales come to this market, and at the expense of more sophisticated technology they are able to create serious competition for 10-year old», he said.

«At the moment, bitcoin is in a stage of consolidation», — has agreed with it business analyst blockchain laboratory Deloitte CIS Roman Zach.

Member of the expert Council of the state Duma on legislative maintenance of development of financial technology and co-founder of the international network of professional investors in the digital assets CryptoLife Peter Dvoryankin, in turn, pointed to the inexperience of the cryptocurrency market.

«We are more used to classical Finance, which has long been understood by many, and the market itself is large. The cryptocurrency market is young, many still unknown. Now on the market, few regulations and a lot of non-professional investors. There are also a number of signs and examples of what is a highly manipulative market at the moment, especially in relation violas (alternative cryptocurrency, is created through the branch from the main — ed.) with a low market capitalization», he said.

Similar views and founder of the portal DeCenter Evgeny Gordeev. «This is due to fluctuations in market supply and demand, people react. Some specific, fundamental reasons for fluctuations there. Now the market is very speculative, and in many respects it is now trading just from the desire of certain groups to move the price up or down. bitcoin is falling, but increased during the month of Etherium three times,» he said.

Stability will not be soon

Despite the fact that such powerful factors of volatility is known to all, the forecasts when the price of bitcoin stabiliziruemost, vary considerably.

«In my opinion, now there are two possible scenarios of development of events. The first scenario is the continuation of the consolidation trend in the range of 12 to 17 thousand dollars, and the subsequent increase in 1-2 months, breaking the all-time-high prices. The second scenario is a reduction in the price of bitcoin in the coming months and stabilization in the range of 7-8 thousand dollars. Given an unprecedented boom, which still can’t handle the crypto currency exchange and also the fact that from 2015, growth in price of bitcoin does not exceed 50% of his maximum prices, the second option seems less likely,» said Zach.

Technical analyst resource Brave New Coin Josh Olszewicz (Josh Olszewicz), in turn, expects that over the next 10 days trading bitcoin stabiliziruemost, and the value will cease to change dramatically. The current momentum he connects with the recently passed Christmas and new year holidays. «Consolidation is already underway, after about 10 days we will see», — he said.

The same forecast gives The analyst The Token Fund Alexander Litvinovich. «We are in the hallway 13-16 thousand dollars for several weeks, and nothing wrong with that. This is a normal phenomenon. Assume that in the second half of January, bitcoin and the stock market in General will rise, then the price stabiliziruemost at 17-20 thousand dollars,» he said.

At least the positive Outlook given to the founder and CEO Fundery Eduard Lunch. «In the near future stabilization of the cryptocurrency market should not expect», — he said.

Investment Director Fund Fund Cryptolife Mansur Guseynov also believes that «after the rally last year,» the market stabiliziruemost «not soon». «Maybe six months. Price I think will be higher than it is now. If the growth trend will not break, maybe 30-50 thousand dollars,» he said.

Gordeev took a more pessimistic stance: «I think that in the next few years, the dynamics of trading not stabiliziruemost, constantly will be some UPS and downs,» he said.

The founder of blockchain project BitClave Vasily Trofimchuk believes that bidders should use the volatility of bitcoin and purchase it at competitive prices. «At the moment the issue goes to whether the rate to 10 thousand dollars before you go for 25 thousand dollars. In any of the outcomes to be purchased is now a very profitable, the majority of market participants regarded the current drawdown as an opportunity to invest before the new growth,» he said.