Found in Egypt by a meteorite was unique in the Solar system

© Photo : KMET refragment the meteorite. Archive photoFound in Egypt by a meteorite was unique in the Solar system© Photo : KMET ran

Meteorite «Hypatia», found in Egypt in 1996, contains mineral compounds that are not in the Solar system. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, the results of their research publishes Science Alert.


— ScienceAlert (@ScienceAlert) 10 Jan 2018

«Most of the «Hypatia» is like a poorly mixed cake batter… Meteorite contains a large number of very specific carbon compounds, called polyaromatic hydrocarbons. They are a major component of interstellar dust that existed before the formation of our Solar system,» — said one of the study’s authors, Jan Kramers.

Scientists say that the analysis of mineral grain inclusions revealed the presence of «Hepati» pure aluminum metal. This substance is found in the Solar system in trace amounts for specific conditions, for example, in the craters of volcanoes.

According to scientists, that «Hypatia» was formed before the formation of the Solar system. Researchers believe that the body came to light at temperatures below -196 degrees Celsius. Probably a meteorite came to Earth from the Kuiper belt, which is 40 times farther from the Sun than our planet.