In the Matrosskaya Tishina coming new layoffs, said in a FPS

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikova in photobanks No. 1 UFSIN of Russia in Moscow. Archival photoIn the Matrosskaya Tishina coming new layoffs, said in a FPS© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovite the image Bank

Moscow SIZO No. 1 (Matrosskaya Tishina) are subject to special control after the incident with the «VIP-cameras», the new planned «personnel changes» in the leadership, said Monday the head of the FPS in the capital, Sergei Moroz.

«In connection with the foregoing conducted and planned personnel changes in the administration of the remand prison No. 1. Institution subject to special control as an institution with a complex operational environment,» said frost at the Board meeting.

As stated by RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow eve Markachev, VIP-chamber was located in one of the buildings Matrosskaya Tishina. For the convenience of the prisoners there was a modern fridge full of delicacies, big screen TVs and even an expensive toilet.

According to Marichevoy, VIP chambers contained suspected fraud, and «oddly» that the repairs were made «under a certain contingent.» The authorities of the detention center, said the social worker failed to explain the situation.

Last week it became known about dismissal because of the scandal, Deputy chief of the detention center for operations. Three employees severely punished in a disciplinary order.