In Ulan-Ude told about the possible fate of the cafe where massively poisoned people

© Depositphotos / sudok1Коридор in the hospital. Archival photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/01/e717dfc8c06adad554f2262ee0466c2e.jpg" alt="In Ulan-Ude told about the possible fate of the cafe where massively poisoned people" />© Depositphotos / sudok1

Two businessmen from Ulan-Ude, in whose cafe was a mass poisoning of people, can forbid to work in the catering sector, reports the Department of Rospotrebnadzor in Buryatia.

Have visited the cafe «Sulan To» in Ulan-Ude from 8 to 11 January recorded the disease salmonellosis. Activity cafe suspended. According to updated information of the territorial center for disaster medicine of the Republic of Buryatia, only if poisoning was injured 112 people, of whom 70 were hospitalized in the hospital of Ulan-Ude and Khorinsk, including 14 children and five pregnant women, 42 men in outpatient treatment, including three children. It was reported that the diagnosis «salmonellosis» was confirmed in 17 people.

«The activity of providing food services in a cafe network «Sulan To» carry out two individual entrepreneur, who began their work without prior notification to the authorities about starting a business. Currently, Management is working on the preparation of writs for prohibition of the activities for the provision of catering services to the population data individual entrepreneurs», — stated in the message.

The office reported that the cause of the poisoning was a violation on all four network objects «Sulan To» sanitary-epidemiological requirements to conditions of storage and processing of food, availability of documents confirming the quality and safety of food raw materials, rules of access of the personnel to work, observance of personal hygiene. Their activities have been suspended. Carried out supervision in respect of suppliers of raw materials.

Investigative management of UMVD of Russia in Ulan-Ude opened a criminal case under signs of crime under article «infringement sanitary-epidemiological rules, negligently caused mass illness or poisoning people.»