In Yakutia from-for frosts below 50 degrees introduced the mode of increased readiness

© RIA Novosti / swamp Baccalaureate in photosangelina frost in Yakutsk. Archival photoIn Yakutia from-for frosts below 50 degrees introduced the mode of increased readiness© RIA Novosti / swamp Baccalaureate the image Bank

High alert imposed in Yakutia for the administration of the forces of territorial subsystem Unified state system of prevention and liquidation of emergencies (RSChS) in connection with the cold, said on Monday on the website of the government of the Republic.

It is noted that the decision was taken at a meeting of the government Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and ensuring fire safety of the region.

According to the Yakut ahem, on Monday afternoon in some parts of the region the temperature dropped below the mark of 50 degrees below zero. For example, in Oimyakon and the village Deputy — 53 frost, in Ust-Nera — 54, 55 and Batagay in Verhojansk 56 degrees below zero. In the Republic’s capital Yakutsk – 39 degrees below zero.

«In order to ensure the safety of the population on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the period of strong cooling, the Commission decided to declare a state of «high alert» for the administration of the Yakut forces of territorial subsystem of RSChS,» — said in the message.

It is noted that in connection with the cold weather there is a high probability of occurrence of emergency situations on objects of housing and communal services and energy, the increase in the number of fires in homes, accidents, and difficulties of the work of the airports because of icy fog.

As reported on the website of the regional Glaucus MOE is mandated to take operational measures to prevent the occurrence and development of emergencies.

Ministry of housing and energy of Republic and the company «Yakutskenergo» is mandated to ensure uninterrupted and reliable operation of the boiler and power facilities. Heads of municipalities are mandated to provide an emergency fuel supply in the settlements.

It is noted that in the schools of Yakutia introduced round-the-clock, organized, timely information to parents, children banned from traveling on road transport outside the places of residence. The Ministry of transport and the management of traffic police of the region is mandated to monitor the implementation of the ban, and to take measures to ensure safety on the roads.