Lord, you beasts? Pritravochnye station turned into a conveyor belt of death

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The dog has never been involved in hunting? Some owners take their Pets on pritravochnye station — there are dozens of dogs as a training set against bound or trapped animal. Decoy animals usually caught in the woods or take it deducted from the circus.

Animal rights activists are against such stations for more than 10 years. Another scandal erupted in late December when the Federation Council rejected already approved by the state Duma a bill to ban contact pritravochnyh stations, citing the fact that the document can damage the hunting industry. Who needs such «points of learning» and can it be considered another type zhivoderstva — in the material RIA Novosti.

«Fox papier-mache»

Zooprotective organization «Vita» first called for the fight against pritraukti. The President of the Center for animal rights protection «Vita» Irina Novozhilova says that it all started in the late 1990s: station bred as mushrooms after a rain on the basis of the dysfunctional hunting.

«The first complained vacationers in the health resort area of Moscow suburbs: im just tired of the daily noise from the animals. Then outraged the owners of dogs of hunting breeds, who did not want to bring their dogs for the beast — without it they were not given a diploma. Finally, hunters themselves stated that pritravochnye station does not have any legal bases that are not overseen by any one Agency and generally only hurt the dogs,» she says.

Novozhilov considers that the activities pritravochnyh stations is illegal and violates several articles of the several legislative acts. «Article 245 of the Criminal code, 137-I of the Civil code, two articles of the law «On animal world» — 26-I 40-I, the three articles of the law «On the hunt» — 2-I, 53-I, 49-I,» she enumerates.

Also, be sure Novozhilov, this kind of business is contrary to the 58th article of the Russian Constitution and the 36th article of the Forest code, violates the law «On veterinary medicine». The Ministry of economic development did not really know where to put this sphere of economic activity. At the requests of community members, the Department replied that pritravki in the classifier relates to a 92-72 item «Entertainment and leisure».

And he continues: «They just should be banned. Without pritravki lived before, in Siberia, these stations are almost there, the dogs there are trained in practice».

Pritravochnye stations are now governed by the rules, written by three public organizations: the Russian Kynological Federation, Rosokhotrybolovsoyuz and the Russian Federation of hunting dog breeding.

«These rules already laid down violations and excessive cruelty. For example, there is a section of «stranglehold». One rule of thumb: if the animal is killed, the dog owner is obliged to reimburse the cost. From wild boar-meat cleavers cut down the fangs, and this is a very painful procedure, after which there are two variants of developments: either the animal turns into a «plant» or becomes wildly aggressive,» explains the President of «Vita».

According to her, the rules state a condition: if the animal is mutilated, but on the basis there is no substitute after half an hour, and a wounded animal can be re-incite the dog. «This is a real conveyor belt of death where foxes and wild boar — as a training doll of papier-mache,» she said.

Working anger

The principle pritravochnyh stations is simple: to train an animal depending on the breed of the dog. This can be a large animal — a boar or bear, a smaller one — the Fox or the badger, rabbit and so on. As these animals appear on the stations, nobody knows for sure. Only a small percentage is deducted from the circus and raised in captivity.

Animals are on a leash or contained in a special wooden boxes for U-shaped or in the form of «eight» (they mimic the holes).

Stations are created by hunters to make the dogs working qualities, to awaken the instincts that are inherent at the gene level, or to select the best dogs. There are tasks to improve the gene pool of a certain breed.

After training at the stations issue certificates, taking into account different indicators — including the level of pissed dogs, the degree of aggression: just the hollow or was power contact?

«Hunters around the world say that the main thing for dog hunting — obedience. In the West dogs for malice is rejected. The dog needs to navigate the terrain, and pritravka never will. This refined conditions,» says Novozhilov.

«A ban will destroy the Russian hunt»

Animal rights activists in their petitions propose to ban pritravochnye station, pointing to the fact that they are illegal and impossible to divide them into «contact» and «contactless». But men do not agree hunters. They are confident the ban will kill the industry.

So, in the hunting community as a response to the actions of «green» has held its meetings and pickets, and even sent the President a letter asking not to allow a ban.

«The hunting community shares the concern of the deputies of the state Duma of the lack of legal framework allowing to regulate for the protection of animals and wildlife. However, the project appears to be unexamined and dangerous because it will lead to the destruction of hunting dog of unique and Russian dog breeds. In addition, it violates the constitutional rights of small and indigenous peoples of the taiga zone, where hunting with dogs is the aboriginal fishery, the main occupation and the main source of livelihood», — said in a resolution published on the website of the Russian Federation of hunting dog.

Dog breeders partly disagree with the hunters. The head of the cattery «Forest hunter» Lyudmila elbakidze says that has been breeding dachshunds and spaniels. Both dogs hunting. For spaniels who hunt ducks, pritravochnye station is not provided, they are trained solely in the natural environment — that is, in a real hunt. Take the example of adult dogs.

Says the same thing, a hunter with 30 years of experience from Siberia Mikhail Topakov. According to him, the puppies carry on the hunting and teach the craft gradually. If the animal is overly aggressive or, on the contrary, indifferent to the game, hunting will not take it.

Elbakidze draws attention to the fact that the risk of injury is the same: either the dog will injure the beast, or the beast of a dog. «I do not go over there, I road my dogs. Plus it affects the psyche of the dog, smelling the blood, may then show aggression,» she explains.

Pritravochnye station, in its view, not so much teach a dog how much to give her the opportunity to feel.

«There is an instinct, inherent nature. It is impossible to ignore. If the hunting dog, with an impeccable pedigree, she is asked to hunt. But many owners can’t afford to go on a real hunt, therefore, choose a station» — sums up the breeder.

The hunting lobby

The final bill, which was unanimously adopted by the state Duma, but rejected by the Federation Council, proposes to determine the requirements for kennels and enclosures where wild animals used in training, as well as the procedure for their keeping and breeding. Legislators believe that we need to ban cruelty to animals in training and avoiding injury. Among other measures, a prohibition on training dogs not belonging to hunting breeds. In addition, the authors of the draft law is recommended to clearly define the range of organizations that are permitted to provide such services.

The bill, according to parliamentarians, will contribute to «disaster acting outside the legal field testing and training stations.»

One of its authors, state Duma Deputy Vladimir burmatov has told RIA Novosti that the law is aimed mostly at eliminating the gray area, where are the pritravochnye station. He noted that no one knows how many of them now say about 150, and about two thousand.

However, the senators strongly opposed the ban stations. According to them, it will destroy the hunting industry. Members of the lower house of Parliament insist on. Moreover, they declared a possible conflict of interest. In the end, the two chambers have formed a conciliation Commission to finalize the document.

The question of a complete ban pritravochnyh stations is not — I agree with that and animal rights activists.

President, Foundation for the rebirth of the environment «Territory of Peace» Anastasia Having stressed that in today’s reality of hunting areas to find a compromise is possible and necessary. As an option — contactless pritravka through glass or a mesh, it is practiced in other countries.

«We hope the rejection of the bill — not the influence of the hunting lobby’s challenge to the humane treatment of animals. Also hope that the refusal of the Federation Council is just a way to improve the bill. You also need to make public control. This will be to discuss reconciliation Commission,» commented Having.