Russian «Zircon» threat to U.S. aircraft carriers, writes the German media

© RIA Novosti . Website comparati in photobacteria nuclear missile cruiser Peter the Great. Archival photoRussian «Zircon» threat to U.S. aircraft carriers, writes the German media© RIA Novosti . Website comparate the image Bank

Developed by Russian rocket ship complex «Zircon» will pose a real threat to American carriers. This writes the German newspaper Stern.

The article refers to the modernization of the Russian battle cruiser «Admiral Nakhimov» and «Peter the Great». Those ships, according to the author, were considered outdated, but now they will be equipped with modern anti-aircraft systems s-500 and cruise missiles «Caliber».

However, the main innovation of the ships, the newspaper notes, will be a hypersonic cruise missile «Zircon» 3М22. It is able to reach speeds six times the speed of sound (more than 2 km/sec), and the range will be about 600 kilometers. With the help of this missile the Russian Navy will be able to pose a serious threat to American aircraft carriers, not to mention the ships of other countries, writes Stern.

The article notes that the armed conflict between Moscow and Washington is unlikely, and Russia will use the modernized battlecruisers to strengthen the image of a superpower and for «projection of power» in different parts of the world. These ships will turn the Earth’s oceans in «dangerous water» for us carriers, concludes the author.

Missile system «Zircon» — the latest development of Russian designers. According to information from open sources, it is engaged in the creation of «NPO Mashinostroyenia».

Work on the project are closed. It is only known that the missile will be capable of accelerating to Mach 5-10 and get targets at ranges of 300-500 kilometers. For comparison: now in service with the Russian Navy are anti-ship missiles with speeds a maximum of 2-2. 5 Mach.