Sochi hotels will not raise prices during the investment forum

© Photo : Marriott InternationalОтель in Sochi. Archive photoSochi hotels will not raise prices during the investment forum© Photo : Marriott International

Hotels coastal and mountain cluster in Sochi will not raise prices for accommodation during the Russian investment forum, told RIA Novosti in the city administration of Sochi.

According to preliminary calculations, for the accommodation of guests and participants of the forum will be booked about 4 thousand rooms in hotels in the coastal zone (Imereti lowland) and hotels in the mountain cluster. Work to prevent price increases for the services provided during the forum have been held.

«Fund «Rockingness» is the operator that provides centralized management capacity, and authority to sign direct agreements between «Recongress» and hotels of Sochi for the participants and guests of the REEF. The Fund defines the list of accommodation facilities, which included the concept of placing the forum. Provided analysis of commercial offers of the hotels the cost of accommodation services which allows us to conclude that hotels that provided commercial proposals the Fund does not inflate prices for participants and guests of the forum», — said the press service.

Russian investment forum will be held February 15-16 at the Olympic Park in the Imereti lowland on the territory of the Main media centre, which will house the exposition of the regions, sponsors and media partners of the forum. The official operator of the event is Fund «Recongress».