The Belgian air force said that the Russian Tu-160 were in the international space

© Flickr / Clemens VastersF-16 of the Belgian air force. Archival photoThe Belgian air force said that the Russian Tu-160 were in the international space© Flickr / Clemens Vasters

The defense Ministry of Belgium stated that the Russian planes, which escort over the North sea on Monday was flown, the Belgian F-16 were in international airspace.

Earlier, Belgian media reported that two Belgian F-16 fighter was lifted into the air on Monday morning, presumably to accompany two Russian strategic Tu-160 bombers heading towards the UK.

Commenting RIA Novosti the reports, the representative of the Ministry of defence of Belgium stated that the Russian planes were in the so-called zone of control of NATO. «The Russian aircraft remained in international airspace,» he said.

«Russian air force may check to see how we react, and we react, as is customary. No hostile intent is not here,» said the spokesman, who requested anonymity.

The Ministry of defence of Belgium confirmed in the message that the F-16 were from the center of air operations of NATO in the German Oedeme instructed to take to the air to accompany «two Russian military aircraft over the North sea». The pilot approached the aircraft, identified as Tupolev Tu-160 in 11.51 (13.51 GMT) to the North of the Netherlands at an altitude of 9 kilometers.

«The interception occurred in the Dutch area of responsibility of NATO airspace,» — said in a communiqué, which points out that the Belgian planes «accompanied the Russian to the point, the mission took the aircraft (British) Royal air force».

Earlier on Monday the representative a press-services of the Ministry of defence of Britain has told RIA Novosti that the fighters RAF Typhoon on Monday, was raised from the Lossiemouth airbase in Scotland because of the signal, presumably on Russian planes.

A review of the defense Ministry to RIA Novosti on these messages does not have. Earlier, the defense Ministry has repeatedly stated that all flights of videoconferencing was carried out in strict accordance with international rules of using airspace over neutral waters without violating the borders of other States.