The Danish model is not appeared on the cover of the magazine due to lack of thinness

© AP Photo / Invision/Andy Charmodel Nina Agdal. Archival photoThe Danish model is not appeared on the cover of the magazine due to lack of thinness© AP Photo / Invision/Andy Kropa

Danish model Nina Agdal published a post on instagram in which he challenged the beauty standards of the fashion business and told that a magazine refused to publish the pictures because of the proportions of her body.

According to Agdal, a few months ago she took part in the filming for any project. Shortly thereafter, the agent model has received a letter of apology and refusal to publish a photo on the cover. The publisher explained it by the fact that the girl appearance was different from the presented in the portfolio and did not meet the standards of publication. What kind of magazine is it, Nina said.

Publication from Nina Agdal (@ninaagdal) on Jan 12, 2018 at 9:30 PST


The girl explained that her appearance had changed since she was 16 came to the modeling business.

«I’m not getting on the podium and was never thin as a stick. Now even more than before, I accept your curves and hard work in the gym to stay strong and in the first place to keep my sanity,» she writes.

«So shame on you and thank you, publisher, for the confirmation of how important it is to live in their truth and speak loudly about it, regardless of who you are and what size you wear,» added the Dane.

Agdal urged women to love their body and find ways «to create, not destroy» each other.