The number of victims in Perm, the school has increased to fifteen people

© RIA Novosti / Igor Chateauthierry special services at the school in Perm. 15 Jan 2018The number of victims in Perm, the school has increased to fifteen people© RIA Novosti / Igor Kataev

The number of victims of the stabbing at the school in Perm has increased to fifteen, the press service of the Governor.

Twelve people were hospitalized. A teacher and two teenagers 15-16 years old are in serious condition. They operate in city clinical hospital №4.

Another nine affected students «superficial injuries», for more detailed examination they were sent to Children’s regional clinical hospital.

What happened

This morning at school No. 127 was a fight of former and current students, armed with knives. They tried to separate the teacher and other students. In the end, injured as the instigators of the fight, and those who intervened. The cause of the conflict personal animosity.

The mother of one of the students told RIA Novosti that the teacher helped saved several students, pushing them from attacking.

The suspects were detained, in the near future they will be interrogated.

In Perm, two students came to school №127 with knives and stabbed 11 students and PED.the composition of the school. Most of them are children of 4th class.
Now the attackers were detained.#Perm #Школа127 #news #News

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Media wrote about a different version of the incident: two teenagers decided to attack other students because of insults on social networks.

A criminal case under article about attempt at murder of two and more persons.

What is known about the attackers

According to the regional interior Ministry cupola, one of the instigators consisted earlier on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.

Writes from the pictures in social networks member of the fight posing with guns.

«He last year finished ninth grade. Repeatedly left in the second year. It needs to be in the 11 th, the idea. Poorly studied. Previously, he was not aggressive, behaved calmly in school. I wanted to kill someone — no,» — said one of the students. According to him, the family of a young man prosperous, but it has repeatedly run away from home.

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8 ambulances: 2 intensive care, 2 and 4 linear pediat medical, #nine victims, including a woman (teacher) and child 16 years of age, with wounds to the neck in serious condition, both sent to Gor Klin hospital №4

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RT reports that the social network «Vkontakte» on the page of one of the young people posted a lot of videos devoted to the terrorist attack at an American school «Columbine» in Colorado. Among them are videos shot by students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold before the attack.

What’s happening on the ground

From school evacuated nearly 700 children, lessons are canceled. On-site work by the police and Regardie. Before the establishment of a deployed headquarters of the Ministry.

According to the correspondent RIA Novosti, around educational institutions put up a cordon, over the fence no one is allowed. Around him are several groups of relatives. On the porch are still visible traces of blood.


The interior Ministry sent to the school Central office staff, who will evaluate the work of security and police responsible for preventing crime among adolescents.

The head of Perm Dmitry Samoilov was instructed to strengthen security measures in all schools in the city. To Perm sent presidential Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova.