Chicken semi-finished products proved to be hazardous to health

© Fotolia / Alexander RathsПроверка chicken meat in the laboratoryChicken semi-finished products proved to be hazardous to health© Fotolia / Alexander Raths

Roskontrol studied six popular chicken semi-finished products in various price categories, checking them for compliance with safety requirements. For examination of selected chilled thighs broiler chickens, reported on the organization’s website.

It turned out that in all samples violated microbiological indicators. In particular, it significantly exceeded the level of microbial contamination that is not in compliance with sanitary regulations, as well as the duration and mode of storage.

Two semi-finished products showed dangerous bacteria: one case of Listeria, the other is Salmonella.

In four of the six cases revealed signs of questionable freshness of meat, two samples were injected with brine, which increased their weight, another two antimicrobial drugs. The products of the three brands contained traces podborski.

In Roskontrol noted that ordinary consumers can also determine the degree of freshness of the product. «Quality meat to distinguish from rested is possible by pushing on it with your finger. If it is fiber dense, when pressed with your finger the resulting hole quickly disappears. This means that the product is fresh. If the recess is aligned slowly (over one minute), the purchase should be abandoned,» — said the expert Irina Arkatov.

The results of the test, all samples were blacklisted.