In Moscow will consider the claim of AFK Sistema to Rosneft

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in fotobounce company AFK Sistema. Archival photoIn Moscow will consider the claim of AFK Sistema to Rosneft© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

The Moscow arbitration court on Tuesday will hold a preliminary hearing on the claim AFK «System» about collecting with «Rosneft» and «Bashneft» more 330,4 billion.

The claim was submitted to arbitration on 11 December. AFK «Sistema» on December 8 announced that it has submitted the claim about compensation of a «manifestly unfair acts» of the defendants, which they undertake with the aim of unjust enrichment, «the destruction of corporate value AFK «System», bringing the Corporation to bankruptcy, damage to the Corporation», its shareholders and creditors. At the same time, the AFC reported that it remains committed to peaceful settlement of the conflict.

The representative of the largest Russian oil company, commenting on the lawsuit of «the System», said earlier that «Rosneft» considers absurd «appeal to court with the claim on appeal of his opponent in court», since the right to judicial protection is fundamental in any legal system. He called the claim the AFC is absurd and unprecedented.

The arbitration court of Bashkortostan on 26 December approved a settlement agreement in the dispute on the claim of «Rosneft», «Bashneft» and Bashkiria to recover from AFK «Sistema» and JSC «Sistema-invest» is 170.6 billion. In that case the plaintiffs demanded to recover from the defendants damages caused by Bashneft’s reorganization in 2014. Before the end of 2014, «System» was the main shareholder of «Bashneft».

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, the «System» and her «daughter» was undertaken in three stages to pay in favor of «Bashneft» 100 billion rubles: 28 Dec already been transferred 20 billion rubles and 40 billion rubles «System» must be transferred not later than 28 February and no later than March 30. After receipt of «Bashneft» the entire amount, the parties undertook to renounce claims to each other, «Rosneft» and Bashkiria should withdraw their claims on of 131.6 billion rubles from the Bashkir arbitration, and the «System» — a claim to «Rosneft» on 330,4 billion rubles filed in the arbitration court of Moscow.

Arbitration of Bashkiria January 12, was appointed on April 3, the main hearings on the suit of the United «Rosneft», «Bashneft» and Bashkiria to AFK «System» about collecting of 131.6 billion. In it the plaintiffs seek to recover damages in the amount of dividends received by the defendants from Bashneft from 2009 to 2014, minus taxes paid.