Kouchner warned against friendship with the ex-wife of media Mogul Murdoch, the media are writing

© AP Photo / Evan VucciДжаред Kushner. Archival photoKouchner warned against friendship with the ex-wife of media Mogul Murdoch, the media are writing© AP Photo / Evan Vucci

Employees of counterintelligence of the United States in early 2017 warned adviser and part-time brother-in-law of U.S. President Donald trump, Jared Kushner, the former wife of media Mogul Rupert Murdoch businesswoman Wendy Deng Murdoch may use a close friendship with him and the President’s daughter Ivanka in the interests of the Chinese government, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

«The warning was made as part of the effort of the officials of the national security service show Kouchner, the new man in the government, need to be careful in dealing with people whose interests may not coincide with the interests of the United States» — the newspaper writes. It is noted that Murdoch and wife trump and Kushner are friends for several years.

One of the sources said that according to intelligence, Murdock spoke in support of the construction of a Chinese garden in Washington, funded by the Chinese government. In the garden it was planned to put the tower more than 20 meters, which probably could be used for surveillance. The garden was planned to break less than eight miles from the White house.

Representative Murdock said that she «knew nothing about fear of the FBI or other intelligence agencies against it,» and the construction of a garden funded by the government of the PRC.

The representative of Kushner and Ivanka described the meeting with representatives of counterintelligence as «normal instruction of security personnel». He added that the couple «friends with Rupert and Wendy Murdoch for ten years before moving to Washington, and their relations are not political and are not associated with China.»

The Chinese Embassy in Washington called this information «complete unfounded speculation,» the newspaper notes.

Wendy Deng Murdoch is an American businesswoman. She married Rupert Murdoch in 1999, but in 2013 the couple filed for divorce.