Lawyer: the court in Kuwait for the fourth time refused to release the Russian

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A court in Kuwait refused to release the citizen of the Russian Federation Maria Lazareva, arrested on charges of embezzlement of public funds, said Monday RIA Novosti her American lawyers.

According to them, Lazarev, Vice-President and managing Director of KGL Investment company (KGLI), was arrested in November last year. She was charged with embezzlement of the funds that Kuwait ports authority invested in the investment Fund, The Port Fund under the management of KGLI. According to the defense, KGLI has given the management of «valuable Advisory services in exchange for payment, stipulated in the written agreement.» According to her, The Port Fund is currently in the stage of return to all investors their initial investment and approximately one hundred percent of the profits.

According to lawyers, a court in Kuwait for the fourth time Lazarus refused to release. According to them, «the arrest of Lazareva is unfair and the reluctance to release at least on bail raises serious questions about the motives of those who want to keep her in prison.»

American lawyers urged the Kuwaiti government to «immediately release Lazarus and her colleague arrested, or set a fair bail for them.» They expressed confidence that her arrest damage Russian-Kuwaiti bilateral agreement on stimulation and mutual protection of investments.

Lawyers indicated that their client is contained in the «inhuman and appalling conditions and facing serious physical and psychological shocks». They also noted that Lazarev has invested in the economy of Kuwait and in KGLI personal funds, it works in this country for 13 years and it is well known and respected in local business circles.

According to information on the website KGLI, this structure is «a private investment company focusing on development and investing in infrastructure, logistics, transportation, oil, gas and energy industry and other sectors of the countries of the Middle East, Asia and emerging markets.»