Russia filed the first lawsuit against Apple because of slow iPhone

© RIA Novosti / Alexey Kudankulame iPhone 4. Archival photoRussia filed the first lawsuit against Apple because of slow iPhone© RIA Novosti / Alexey kudenko

Russia’s first lawsuit against the American company Apple intentionally slowing older iPhones and iPads, filed in the Tver court of Moscow, told RIA Novosti lawyer of the plaintiff — partner of the law firm Lex Borealis Dmitry Ponomarev.

«The lawsuit was filed in the court,» he said, explaining that the plaintiff, whose iPhone 6 is slower, requests to compensate for 55 thousand rubles. «Just before the end of the day we plan to file four more lawsuit,» the lawyer added.

In turn, the managing partner of the NLF Group Maxim Karpov explained that in the first claims on this issue insists on the «elimination of violations of the right of ownership of the phone, reflected in the decline in their health». According to him, the key requirement is to eliminate work slowdowns of the previous generations iPhone after upgrade operating system to iOS 11.

Legal strategy provides for different behavior models, they will depend on evidence of the defendant. «We are moving away from models of collective action and file petitions in various courts on behalf of different people. Total claims amount to tens of millions of rubles», — said Karpov.

Earlier it became known that U.S. consumers have filed lawsuits against Apple after she said that especially slows down your processors iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. In particular, California residents Stefan Bogdanovic and Dakota Spis in a class action on their own behalf and on behalf of «all caught in a similar situation» requires from producer compensation because they believe that his actions resulted in «financial loss or other damage».

According to the assurances of Apple, such a function is needed to extend the life of devices and prevent unexpected outages due to wear of the batteries.