The Et Cetera theatre presented a production of «the Decameron» by Boccaccio work

© Photo : Public DomainМосковский theatre Et Cetera. Archive photoThe Et Cetera theatre presented a production of «the Decameron» by Boccaccio work© Photo : Public Domain

Moscow theatre «Et Cetera» under the leadership of Alexander Kalyagin presents the first premiere of new year show «Decameron», on Tuesday afternoon passed the dress rehearsal, the premiere will take place on 16 and 17 January.

The famous Bulgarian Director Alexander Morph together with the artist Alexander Gorenstein staged «the Decameron» based on the works of Giovanni Boccaccio. In the name of the play is subtitled «the Decameron». Love in the time of cholera. And it says the main theme of the play, as determined Alexander the Morph.

«Marquez has these words: «There are two inevitable things in our life — love and death.» In «Decameron» combines these two important processes. No matter how varied humanity, no matter how much time passes, no matter how much we entered the world of modern technology and capitalization, the love is always there, it remains in all its guises: the love at first sight, love from the loyalty, love and hate. There is no person who would not have experienced this. We love asks and catches suddenly, and carried away… Love and death are very connected — because real love, as we know, isn’t happy, it always ends in tragedy. Our «Decameron» about it», — told RIA Novosti Director.

According to Morfova, and he is the author of dramatizations of short stories, «the Decameron» Boccaccio became for him only the starting point for telling stories about love.

«I myself invented and put into play a new character — a boy, sick with plague, which counts down his remaining days. He knows that the first symptom that sends a terrible disease, he and all his family will die on the 7-10th day. And he has never loved anyone, and that his biggest sorrow…,» said Morph.

In the play a lot of music. Recently, as the Director said, he is trying to build their plays based on musical principles.

«And this performance, in this sense, special. It is built like a Symphony, Sonata or rather, where is the beginning, allegro, andante…. For each story has its own music. This is a selection of classic and modern music,» said Morph.

He is not the first time places the show in the theater at the City — more than ten years ago, he put on stage the play «don Quixote» of Cervantes, now the «Decameron».

«Now I’ve met you are unfamiliar with, for me, artists that have recently joined the profession. My main desire was to take in the play of youth. I was sure that they could not remain indifferent to this topic, because each had or has its own love story. And I asked them to write me about it. The stories were so interesting that I wanted to include them in the show, but did not. So now I’m thinking about «Decameron -2», — said the Director.

Morph said that he hoped the understanding of the viewer. He is happy all who care about this issue. But most of all, still addresses her new job, young audience.