The expert said that prevents the introduction of paid Parking in Moscow courtyards

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Belousovski paid Parking in Moscow. Archival photoThe expert said that prevents the introduction of paid Parking in Moscow courtyards© RIA Novosti / Vitaliy Belousov

Before discussing the question of the need to enter paid Parking lots in the courtyards of Moscow, it is necessary to determine who owns the yard, said RIA Novosti Director of the center for studies of transport problems of megacities Konstantin Trofimenko on Monday.

Earlier, Deputy Moscow mayor, head of Department of transport Maxim Liksutov in an interview with the newspaper «Kommersant» said that the city paid Parking will be extended only point, in the capital, he said, «never question of paid Parking in the yard was not discussed and was not submitted to discussion.»

According to Trofimenko, the discussion of paid Parking in the yards is a layered question, since there is no clear definition of who is the owner of the yard area. For example, in some countries it is wholly owned by the residents of an apartment building or is in municipal ownership, and the city disposes it as he sees fit.

«Before proposing a paid Parking lot and to discuss its pros and cons, you need to deal with a global issue related to the domestic territory: it is city property, the joint property of residents, it is the private property of the inhabitants, divided into distinct squares», — said Mykola Trofimenko.

He stressed that until these issues are resolved, to do paid Parking in the yards is impossible, because it will lead to a large number of cases and lawsuits.

«A lot of questions. I think that in any scheme that can be implemented to bring benefit to the city. But while we these problems do not decide early to talk about paid Parking in the yards», — he concluded.