The height of the orbit of the ISS flight will increase docking «Progress»

© NASAКосмический ship Soyuz MS-05 undocked from the ISS. Archival photoThe height of the orbit of the ISS flight will increase docking «Progress»© NASA

The average height of the orbit flight to the International space station (ISS) will increase January 17, approximately 600 metres for the formation of ballistic conditions of launch and docking with the ISS cargo spacecraft «Progress MS-08», informed RIA Novosti the representative of the mission control Center (MCC).

«In accordance with the flight program 17 Jan 2018 planned correction of the ISS orbit. To complete the maneuver at 23.15 MSK will be included propulsion system of the module «Zvezda», — he said.

According to preliminary estimated data, the engines will spend 22 seconds, with the result that the average height of the ISS flight will increase by approximately 600 meters and will be 404,4 km.

Space truck «Progress MS-08,» plan for the first time in history to launch to the station on ultrashort double scheme on 11 February 2018. It is expected that he will be able to get to the station a little more than three hours. After the development of this technology is expected to be used for manned spacecraft «Soyuz».

Initially under the new scheme it was planned to send «Progress MS-07» October 12, 2017, but then the automatics cancel the launch. The launch was postponed to the backup date — 14 Oct, when ballistic conditions did not allow to send the truck under the new scheme. «Progress MS-07» got to the station according to the standard scheme for two days.

Now the fastest way to get to the ISS is flying at chetyrehvalkovoj scheme, which takes about six hours.