From Mexico can’t fly about five hundred Russian tourists

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About five hundred Russian tourists cannot return home from Cancun’s Mexican, told RIA Novosti the honorary Consul in Quintana Roo Armin Volpert.

«The number of Charter flight — FV5882 of the airline «Russia», the passengers were taken off the plane after eight hours in the salon waiting for departure. According to information from the airport, a flight delay occurred for non-payment of the payment (from the airline),» said the Consul.

According to Volpert, now passengers appeal for help to the Consulate and Embassy. While data on aircraft flight no.

Thus, the airline said that «Russia» no debt to the airport. According to her representative, the flight FV5882 was supposed to fly the day before at 18:10 GMT.

«However, unexpected demand immigration controls of the United Mexican States on the airline «Russia» was to be deported four citizens of Armenia. For this reason, the airport did not give permission for departure of ship», — told in the airline.

The waiting deportees lasted four hours, but the Mexican aviation authorities have not given permission for the flight. In accordance with the requirements of the Russian aviation legislation, the crew over working time, so in the end the flight was moved to 17 January.

To obtain permission for the flight the airline will be able not earlier than 20:00 Moscow time, when the representatives of the Mexican aviation authority will start the working day.