In Saudi Arabia, said of the missile attack Houthis in the South

© 2018 AFP / Amer Hilabi Saudi Arabia. Archival photoIn Saudi Arabia, said of the missile attack Houthis in the South© 2018 AFP / Amer Hilabi

The air defense forces of Saudi Arabia repelled a missile attack Yemeni rebels of the movement «Ansar Allah» (Houthis) in Jizan in the South of the country, writes the Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh, quoting the words of the official representative of the coalition led by the Kingdom Turki al-Maliki.

Yemeni rebels launched a ballistic missile in the direction of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday at 20:12 local time (same as GMT), said al-Maliki.

«The missile was aimed towards the city of Jizan. She was started deliberately in the direction of civilian areas inhabited by people, and were intercepted and destroyed by the Royal air defense of Saudi Arabia,» — said the representative of the coalition.

Al-Maliki added that this missile was launched with the support of Iran. He urged the international community to take more serious and effective steps to end the smuggling and delivery by Iran of ballistic missiles and weapons to Yemeni rebels.

At the end of December 2017, defense Minister of Iran, Amir Khatami rejected allegations by the US of involvement in Teheran’s latest rocket bombardment of the capital of Saudi Arabia by the Huthis from Yemen, calling such claims groundless.

The air defense forces of Saudi Arabia at the end of 2017 intercepted three ballistic missiles launched from Yemen Houthi rebels. The first rocket was shot down on 4 November in the vicinity of the international airport in Riyadh. The second was intercepted on 30 November in the South of the country near the city of Khamis-Mushayt (D. Asher). The third rocket, launched on the capital of the Kingdom, was intercepted on December 19. The latest missile attack by the Huthis took place on 5 January and was successfully repulsed.