In the Caucasian reserve brown bears are still not hibernating

© AP Photo / Martin Made brown bears. Archival photoIn the Caucasian reserve brown bears are still not hibernating© AP Photo / Martin Meissner

About 150-170 of brown bears in the Caucasus state natural biosphere reserve is still not lain down in hibernation and lead an active way of life, is spoken in the message of the reserve.

Currently, the brown bear population on the reserve is approximately 600-700 adults.

«According to preliminary estimates, by mid-January, about 150-170 brown bears have not lain down in hibernation and lead a very active lifestyle. This is facilitated, of course, late winter, lack of snow and surviving a good forage base, including high mountainous places, not accessible to tourists and hunters. Over the past half century, this phenomenon has only occurred a few times. In General, the delay period of hibernation in these animals occurs about once in 30 years» — quoted in the message words of the chief scientific officer of the reserve Anatoly Kudaktin.

The described phenomenon applies primarily to males, since females have long been sleeping in dens and feed the cubs, he said.

«Males of some subspecies are now not going to sleep until spring. To prevent the bears could «migrants» from the neighboring reserve areas, from the southern slopes of the Caucasus mountain range — from Abkhazia, where much food and yet do not know their Berloga places. This version is confirmed by camera-traps», — reported on the website of the reserve.