In the Novosibirsk region have brought the case to the mother the spirit of those killed in the fire children

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovskoye police. Archival photoIn the Novosibirsk region have brought the case to the mother the spirit of those killed in the fire children© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov

Insurance investigators after a fire in a holiday home in Moshkovsky district of Novosibirsk region, where on Tuesday evening killed two children, opened a criminal case against their mother, said Wednesday SUCK Russia in the region.

According GUMCHS in the region, the message on a fire in a garden society «Frame — 2» (settlement Barlakskoe) received 17.05 local time (13.05 GMT) on 16 January. By the time of arrival of fire brigades the house is almost completely burned and collapsed, while firefighters in the path took less than nine minutes. According to the UK, in the house lived a woman with her three children 2013, 2015 and 2017, the birth, and in the time of the fire she was sleeping after drinking alcohol.

«Upon discovering the fire, the woman began to extinguish it. Unable to cope with the fire, she with a child born in 2013 out of the house and asked for help from neighbours. Arrived at the help people are unable to rescue the house two children», — stated in the message SUCK.

The investigators concerning the woman criminal case under article of the criminal code «causing death on imprudence to two persons». The investigator is appointed is judicial-medical and fire-technical examination.

«According to preliminary information, while drunk mother slept, the children burned in the house. Upon discovering the fire, the woman tried to extinguish it with snow, and then ran for help, leaving a burning house and two young children. Incorrect actions have led to the rapid development of the fire and the deaths of children,» — said in turn, in GUMCHS.

Rescue Department explained that all the family were brought up four boys. According to relatives, their father is in prison and her mother is abusing alcoholic beverages. Their 16-year-old son at the time the fire was out. Four-year-old mother had put on the street, and the youngest died. With children psychologists EMERCOM of Russia. Examination has confirmed alcohol content in the blood of their mother, added the Agency.

«As established in the building violated fire safety regulations. The rooms were heated by wood-stoves, for which no adults were watching. During preliminary investigation it became known that the owner’s son often played with matches and burning of coal: got them with a spatula and sprinkle on the carpet. It is possible that the fire resulted from children playing with fire,» — said GUMCHS.