The area of oil pollution near the China has reached 109 square kilometers

© AP Photo / CCTVТрансляция news on CCTV about the fire on the Panama tanker collided with a Hong Kong cargo ship in the East China sea. Archival photoThe area of oil pollution near the China has reached 109 square kilometers© AP Photo / CCTV

Two oil stains a total area of about 109 kilometers was formed after the collapse and sinking of an Iranian oil tanker in the East China sea, the report said the State Oceanographic administration of China.

Carrying 136 thousand tons of gas condensate tanker SANCHI belonging to Iranian companies and sailing under the Panamanian flag, collided with the Hong Kong bulk carrier CF CRYSTAL off the East coast of China on the evening of 6 January. On Sunday 14 January, the tanker after another explosion onboard sank.

The staff of the office on the morning of 16 January recorded two kilometers to the North of the site of the sinking tanker oil slick length of 9 kilometers and a width of 50-500 meters. The second spot with a length of six kilometers and a width of one kilometer were found in 19 km North-West from the place of incident.

However, according to images from satellites, remote observation, the area of concentrated oil-stained zone is approximately 69 square kilometres, about 40 kilometres with less pollution.

The office also took samples of sea water from 31-th station. According to analyses, in parts of the samples were detected oil pollution, exceeding the limit value of quality standard of sea water.

The statement noted that the experts of management will continue to monitor and control the situation in the area of the incident.

Meanwhile, according to the newspaper South China Morning Post, the Chinese authorities intend to send divers to the site of the sinking of the tanker to leak oil in the sunken tanker to minimize damage to marine ecology.